Sunday, January 9, 2011

Joyful Crow Studio Tour

Rolling Mill, wax injector, mold cutting area, and photo prep area. Back of vent system.
Passage into the rest of the shop.
My trusty Vic12 vacuum caster, Buffing Lathe, Electromelt Furnace.
Kiln, Vulcanizer, wax and ingot mold storage, and a couple stumps.
Two stumps with pitch bowl for repousse and chasing tools for it.
Cat bed also known as wax bench, here closed for use in additive build up, wax welder.
Wax bench open for carving. Made from old sewing machine bench so holds all wax filings.
Dapping stump with forming blocks and punches, my uncles old tool chest.
Apprentice bench, and flexshaft.
Another shot of apprentice bench.
Pickle area, old laptop, beads and findings storage, chemical storage.
My bench right, custom pliers rack, torch.
My bench left, custom magnetic bur rack.
Better shot of bur rack.
My bench, lower storage and compartment right.
My bench lower storage and compartment left.
Bench detail left.
Bench detail right.
Bench detail lower left.
Bench detail lower right.
Photo Studio area.


  1. ooohhh I have me some tool envy - and space envy! I wish!

  2. Thanks. But I have been colecting tools for over 40 years, and it is a nice little cozy space. A bit cramped when the cats all come in. Still I love it though.

  3. Looks fabulous Barney! I'm envious of all your tools as well...starting to build my own collection and swiping some of my Dad's old hand tools in the process. Very cozy studio...working on getting mine to have that cozy feel :)

  4. WOW! What a great space! And all those tools, it's like Disneyland for metalsmiths!

  5. Gosh you've got a lot of stuff and a great space. One shot would encompass mine. lol.

  6. Yay! Pictures!!!
    What I would give just to be Barney's apprentice for a week or so...

  7. Barney, I just LOVE the studio tour! You have an amazing setup! Thanks for sharing!